Halfway Normal

Coming in Sept. 2017HALFWAY NORMAL
Aladdin/Simon & Schuster, Hardcover, 978-1481478519
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Norah Levy has just completed two years of treatment for leukemia and is ready to go back to the “real world” of middle school. The hospital social worker warns her that the transition back may be tricky, but Norah isn’t worried. Because compared with battling cancer, how tricky can seventh grade be?

Very. Everyone is either treating Norah like she will break at any second, or acting weird about all the attention she’s getting. Her best friend, Harper, does her best to be there for Norah, but she doesn’t get it, really–and is hanging out with a new group of girls, leaving Norah feeling a little unsteady. Norah’s other good friend, Silas, is avoiding her. What’s that about, anyway?

When Norah is placed with the eighth graders for math and science (thanks to an amazing tutor while she was sick), she meets Griffin, a cute boy who encourages her love of drawing and Greek mythology. And Norah decides not to tell him her secret–that she was “that girl” who had cancer. For the first time in a long while, she feels she can be herself, without pity or the constant questions. And Norah is afraid that might change if he knew.

But when something happens to make secret-keeping impossible, Norah must figure out a way to share her story. But how do you explain something to others which you can’t explain to yourself? And then, once you find the words, how do you move forward with a whole new ‘normal’?

"In writing this remarkable novel, Barbara Dee has performed an amazing feat. She has traveled to places you hope you will never have to go, and then drawn a lovely, heartbreaking, warm, funny, and ultimately hopeful map of the way back home."—Jordan Sonnenblick, DRUMS, GIRLS AND DANGEROUS PIE

"Barbara Dee has an unfailing sense of the dynamics of middle school social life. Spot-on portrayals of friends and family relationships frame a powerful main character who’s determined to find her way back. Halfway Normal has a brave, kind heart–as tender and triumphant as the main character herself."—Karen Romano Young, HUNDRED PERCENT