Everything I Know About You

Aladdin/Simon & Schuster, Hardcover, 978-1534405073
Available June 19, 2018!
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Unconventional math nerd Tally and her best friends Sonnet and Spider are sure the seventh grade trip to Washington, DC will be a disaster. To foster class unity, the teachers have assigned the kids to share rooms with their enemies.

But the three-day trip is full of surprises. Alliances are made and broken, and Tally makes an uneasy peace with her roommate, head “clonegirl” Ava Seeley.

Soon Tally begins to suspect something is off with Ava, who keeps a weird notebook full of random numbers, disappears regularly, and doesn’t seem to be eating anything during meals. When Tally confronts Ava about it all, Ava threatens to share an embarrassing picture of Tally with the class if she tells anyone about her suspicions.

For the first time Tally doesn’t have an easy solution to an incredibly complex equation. This is a trip full of lessons Tally won’t forget, including how to love yourself and embrace your flaws, and how being a good friend can actually mean telling a secret you promised to keep….


"A beautiful and meaningful book that will no doubt be loved by many and needed in school libraries. Written with gentleness and strong command, EVERYTHING tells the story about friendship, kindness, and the inner strength and courage that allows you to find your voice and yourself. And love both."—Elly Swartz, author of Finding Perfect and Smart Cookie

"With humor, grace and empathy, Barbara Dee captures a brave story about an unlikely friendship between two strong girls who just might need each other. Tally is one for the ages!"—Melissa Walker, author of Let’s Pretend We Never Met and Why Can’t I Be You (June ’18)