This is Me From Now On

Aladdin MIX, Paperback, ISBN 978-1416994145
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A new best friend causes chaos when she convinces Evie to play matchmaker for their 7th grade teachers!

"Dee neatly captures the interactions of middle-schoolers and in Francesca provides a character who, while larger-than-life, still fits well into the seventh-grade milieu. A quick, fun read."—Booklist

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For Book Clubs

This is Me From Now On by Barbara Dee

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  • Evie says that Francesca is a “good friend” but a “terrible partner.” Do you agree? What’s the difference between a friend and a partner?
  • Girls and their moms: Is Evie like her mom? Is Francesca like hers? What about Nisha and her mom?
  • What is Espee trying to tell Evie in their last conversation?
  • Who would you rather have as a bff –Nisha or Francesca? Who would you rather have as a boyfriend – Quentin or Zane? How have Evie’s standards for girl–and boy–friendships changed by the end of the book?
  • What do you think will happen in the future with LilyNishaEvieFrancesca?
  • “History is a story we tell ourselves.” Do you agree with Evie’s interpretation of Espee’s lesson?

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